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Mini Bong

 Big hits in small packages

Mini bong are the smallest bongs we offer! They might be tiny and some may call them cute but don’t underestimate them - each one packs a serious punch. Our mini bong sizes range from 14 inches and smaller, making them perfect for your personal sesh’ but also great for passing around at a party. Mini’s make excellent daily drivers and are perfect when traveling or on the go.

Just because they are small doesn’t mean we skimped on the quality. All of our glass bongs are made of the highest quality glass available and by master craftsmen and these mini’s are no different!

If you are in need of a concealable bong then these little pipes are exactly what you need. No matter if you live in the dorms, bringing it to a concert or have uninvited visitors at a party; these bongs make it easy to slip away and hide from prying eyes.

Some people find larger bongs to be awkward and hard to use but not with mini pipes. Since most of the mini bongs are made to be held with one hand you should find that you are less likely to drop and break your beautiful Zob glass pipe.

We find a water bongs small size perfect for when you want to switch between a dry herb bong and a concentrate dab rig. Most of the time it is as easy as adding a nail of your choice, firing up the torch and you’re ready to go!

Mini and small bongs also make it easier to clean. Less surface area for bong smoke residue to attach itself to means less area to clean. Most of our smaller pipes allow every inch to be cleaned with a single pipe cleaner.

Going small doesn’t mean you’re limited on your filtration options either. You can choose non-percolated or percolated. With percolated options of: Showerhead, UFO, Inlines, Disc and Pucks. You also aren’t limited in terms of style. We make Wubblers, Zobellos, fixed downstems  and beaker bottoms all in our mini sizes.

If you have any questions about our mini bongs or any of our other Zob products please use the live chat below or by email help@zobglasspipes.com or by phone. All of our mini bongs are in stock and ready to ship. We also offer free discreet shipping and hassle free returns.

Remember it isn’t the size of your bong… it’s how you use it!

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